Top 10 CNC Machining Companies in China

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Top 10 CNC Machining Companies in China

If you are just getting started with computer numerical control (CNC) milling or any other form of CNC machining, it might first appear confusing and challenging. The use of computer technology in the manufacturing industry has grown tremendously over the decades. Advanced technologies are controlling how machinery operates, adding many benefits to the manufacturing processes.

The best manufacturers use CNC machines or services to produce intricate parts with repeatable results. CNC milling is one of the most prominent processes in these businesses. Others include CNC drilling, CNC turning, and CNC routing. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of CNC milling. We hope that the milling machine insights offered here will help you undertake your next CNC milling project satisfactorily.

top 10 CNC Machining companies in china

Aria Manufacturing Limited

Aria Manufacturing

First, we introduce Aria Manufacturing Limited, a beacon of the CNC machining industry in China. Through its unique qualities and products, the company has redefined the essence of CNC machining. They are indeed an exceptional company that epitomizes accuracy and creativity in the CNC machine tool industry.

Aria Manufacturing Process is a prominent operator in China that is renowned for global manufacturing technology. They dedicate themselves to quality. They have a wide variety of materials for cutting tools of machinery.

That guarantees the creation of engineered CNC machined parts. Aria Manufacturing Limited is a dependable partner. It offers top-notch CNC machining services in China.

They use cutting-edge CNC manufacturers’ technology to provide unmatched machining solutions. Their areas of expertise are CNC Milling Service, CNC Turning Services, and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). 

Aria Manufacturing Limited recognizes that CNC-machined parts are integral components in modern manufacturing, where precision is paramount. These crafted pieces undergo a process known as Computer Numerical Control machining. Automated tools shape raw materials into intricate and reliable machined parts.

CNC machining is versatile. It allows for the creation of complex geometries and tight tolerances. CNC machined parts deliver high-quality, standardized solutions for diverse manufacturing needs. They are essential for aerospace components and medical devices.

Also embedded in the CNC machining processes at Aria Manufacturing is a customer-centric approach. Aria is the epitome of precise production. The company combines state-of-the-art technology and a dedication to quality.

This approach is evidenced through four elements that focus on the customer. They are cost savings, use of high-quality raw materials, adherence to high production standards, and strict quality control.

Aria Manufacturing Limited uses very reliable materials for CNC machining. Aluminum, Stainless Steel, mild steel, and tool steel are on top of that list. Other materials for CNC machining are brass, copper, titanium, and magnesium.

The company also uses plastics for CNC machining. It focuses on ABS, PMMA(Acrylic), PE (Polyethylene), Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and others.

There are so many other attributes that make Aria the leading CNC machining company in China. They include fair pricing and the use of the reliable CNC machining surface finishes.

Rapid Direct


Also on this list is Rapid Direct, a Chinese company that is dedicated to efficiency and productivity. The main office for the company is at Shenzhen, China.

In China’s vibrant CNC machining market, Rapid Direct breaks new ground. They do this by offering a wide range of production options. Rapid Direct operates in many industries.

These industries include aerospace, automotive, automation, and consumer products. Others are medical devices, robotics, electronics, and new energy.

They provide precise parts using an advanced subtractive manufacturing process. Their top CNC machining capabilities include CNC turning. CNC turning is instrumental in automotive, consumer goods, and many other industries. Other CNC machining technologies at Rapid Direct are CNC milling, 5 Axis CNC Machining, and precision machining.

They provide quick prototypes and manufacturing. They streamline production. They do this out of a dedication to efficiency. Their staff is knowledgeable. Their powerful web platform guarantees comfortable communication. It also guarantees prompt project completion.

Rapid Direct has a rich history in China. The company started in 2009 as a rapid prototyping facility. They have been growing steadily ever since that time. With its global CNC manufacturing status, Rapid Direct is the company people in China turn to.

They turn to it for nimble, trustworthy custom CNC machining service. That is because of their commitment to quality and innovation. Rapid Direct combines speed and quality. They create the best, most precise production experience.



Wayken is another big player in the CNC machining industry in China. This company is located in ShenZhen, China. With a skilled team and using the latest CNC manufacturing, the company has grown over the years. It was founded over 20 years ago. Today, Wayken handles a wide range of CNC machining services. Their machining processes involve different metals and plastics.

The popular metals for CNC machining at the factory are aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and zinc alloy. Others are magnesium, copper, bronze, and titanium. Plastic options for CNC machining include PA(Nylon), PEI(Ultem), ABS+PC, and PMMA(Acrylic)

They have a reputation for providing new CNC machining solutions. Wayken has a focus on precise production. It uses cutting-edge CNC lathes to provide precision machining services. There are several CNC machining processes at Wayken. They are CNC turning, CNC milling, 5-Axis CNC Machining, and Precision CNC Machining.

Wayken prides itself in having a skilled team of experts. Their workforce dedicates themselves to innovation. They guarantee the making of complex parts for many sectors. For those who want the best custom CNC machining centers in China, Wayken is a good partner.

They focus on being efficient and making quality. With Wayken, explore the limits of high-precision Machining equipment. There, knowledge and innovation combine to redefine industrial excellence.

The company is renowned for custom machining service. Their processes are accurate, repeatable, and flexible. Custom machining also has room for a wide range of materials. They have a machine shop that shortens the production time.

Haas CNC machine tools deliver unparalleled performance. This enables manufacturers to achieve high-quality results. It applies to milling, drilling, and tapping. These milling machines excel in delivering precise shapes and dimensions. They cut errors and defects in automotive components and intricate aerospace parts.

Some of the industries using CNC machined parts from Wayken are aerospace, medical, and automotive.

3ERP (3E Rapid Prototyping )


In this field of CNC machining, 3ERP (3E Rapid Prototyping) is a trailblazer. It’s known for its accuracy and adaptability in production. 3ERP leads the way in China’s industrial sector. It uses state-of-the-art metal fabrication in its operations.

The company’s name, 3E Rapid Prototyping (3ERP), indicates Excellent, Efficient and Economic. This is the philosophy of 3Es. They have a strong team that ensures every project is successful.

This dynamic technique can create components with fine details. It works with many materials. 3ERP’s skilled staff ensures good manufacturing for end-use applications and prototypes. They dedicate themselves to providing quality and fast turnaround times.

3ERP is a reputable and reliable provider of CNC machine services. Its capability is mainly in CNC turning service and CNC milling service. They offer reliable precision CNC machining services.

The company caters to the varied requirements of industries in China. They have the necessary expertise and an emphatic dedication to innovation. It enables them to provide top-notch manufacturing solutions.

The company promises to continue offering the best CNC machining services in China and beyond. For customer satisfaction, 3ERP focuses on four things. It gives consistent high quality, uses advanced CNC equipment, relies on an experienced team, and closes orders fast.

Like other leading CNC machining companies in China, 3ERP offers CNC machining services to different industries. In aerospace, they help build parts such as fuselages and brakes.

They work in the automotive industry to produce engine transmission and ABS bumpers among others. They also produce CNC machined parts for industrial machinery, education, and robotics & automation.

HLH Prototypes

HIH Prototypes

HLH Prototypes is a leading company that specializes in the CNC machining process. They offer top-notch services to meet clients’ diverse manufacturing needs. The CNC machining process is a revolutionary technology. It uses computer programs to control machine tools. This process produces precise parts with exceptional speed and accuracy.

At HLH Prototypes, they use advanced software and tooling capabilities. This ensures the highest level of craftsmanship in every project. They use state-of-the-art CNC machines equipped with the latest technology. Their experienced team of engineers excels at turning design concepts into reality. They do this by using the meticulous process of the CNC machine tools.

Whether it’s intricate metal components or complex plastic prototypes. HLH Prototypes offers a wide range of materials for selection. These include metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. They also offer various plastics such as ABS and PEEK. This provides versatile solutions for a wide range of industries. It includes automotive and aerospace.

Their commitment to quality is evident throughout each step. They ensure customer satisfaction by delivering superior products on time and within budget. They manage the initial design optimization and final inspection.

In the CNC machining works process, CNC milling machines are a versatile and efficient process. It uses computer numerical control to shape various materials into precise components. In CNC milling, the cutting tools rotate at high speeds. The workpiece remains stationary or moves.

Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical use this CNC technology. It’s needed for complex shapes and intricate designs. CNC milling guarantees consistent quality. CNC milling compound machining centers eliminate human error using advanced software. The software programs the machine’s movements.

Art Machining

Art Machining

Founded in 2005, Art Machining has continued to improve its facilities and workforce. Today, they have a dedicated team who are dependable in the manufacture of metal parts. With their advanced machinery in the mix, the company has managed to become one of the best in the country.

Art machining is a captivating form of custom CNC machining services. It combines technical high precision with artistic creativity. Artists use CNC machines to create intricate artworks, sculptures, and decorative pieces. They use exceptional detail and finesse to make them. Artists can design their creations using advanced CAD software.

Afterward, they transfer the digital blueprints to the CNC milling machines. This innovative technology enables precise control systems over every movement of the cutting tools. Even the most intricate designs duplicate different materials with flawless accuracy.

It also allows for unparalleled intricacy and consistency throughout each piece. The art machining process pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. It uses CNC machines with accuracy and efficiency. It creates elegant statues and intricate geometric patterns on architectural structures.

The company has advanced machinery for popular CNC processes. These are turning, milling, boring, tapping, threading and many more. For these, they are capable of using a wide ray of materials. These materials include wood, metal, or plastic.

Art machining saves time compared to traditional sculpting methods. Metals include copper, titanium, aluminum, and bronze. They also CNC machine plastics including fiberglass, polystyrene, polycarbonate, and nylon.

Star Rapid

Star rapid

Star Rapid is a top CNC machining company based in Zhongshan, China, about 2 hours from Hong Kong. They started as Star Prototype but after with advancement in technology and changing customer needs, they changed the name to Star Rapid. The company is renowned for low-volume manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

CNC machining is a cutting-edge technology. It has revolutionized the subtractive manufacturing industry. Star Rapid is a prominent player in this field. The company’s exceptional skill and meticulousness in CNC machine services is recognized in China and beyond.

Star Rapid employs computer-controlled machinery in its state-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment. They use it to fabricate intricate parts with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. Their team of skilled engineers uses 3D modeling software. They design prototypes. Then, they incorporate every detail into the final product by programming these machine tool manufacturing experiences.

Star Rapid can provide high precision-engineered components with exceptional accuracy. They have advanced high-precision CNC machining services capabilities. This enables them to deliver top-notch products that meet stringent quality standards. They can perform milling, turning, and custom CNC drilling operations on various materials. These materials include metal, plastic, and wood.

Star Rapid also provides Electrical discharge machining (EDM) services. EDM is a specialized type of CNC machining that is used to precisely machine even the hardest metals. It is particularly suitable for hardened tool steels.

To add to this, the company offers custom CNC machining services. These cover low-volume production, rapid tools, and prototypes. Their products are applicable in the industrial and commercial settings, as they have a standard tolerance of 0.05 microns.



Established in 2005, this company continues to make waves in the CNC machining world. From a professional team to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, they have the ingredients of success. Their incredible development journey since establishment has seen them win many awards.

Among their many products are CNC machining based products. These are CNC lathe parts and CNC machining parts. The CNC lathe parts are mainly from stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. They offer finishing services including electroplating and anodizing.

On CNC machining parts, XY-Global provides custom CNC machining. The clients come for anodized gear parts, precision CNC valve blocks, precision optical CNC components, and many more.

To enhance its global reach, this CNC machining company has sales offices in Israel and the US. Over time, XY-Global has amassed extensive experience in CNC machining. This experience is evident in the specialties of customers they serve.

The company boasts of established business with the medical device industry. They specialize in on-demand CNC products for this critical industry. They have medical prototyping capabilities that serve the industry.

XY-Global is also renowned for the production of high precision CNC products for the optical device industry. Their expertise is instrumental in devices such as laser scanners, optical swivel mounts, and XY galvanometer mounts.

To crown everything, the CNC machining company strives to offer competitive prices. Their quality CNC products are also delivered in promptly. It is an efficient company that is divided into engineering, production, development, sales, and design departments.


Established in 2002, YongChangXing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the leading CNC machining companies in China. This professional company has extensive experience in CNC machining. This is to add to its other processes such as plastic injection molding and die casting.

YCX boasts of some of the best CNC machines and technologies. They are committed to using advanced technologies so that they can deliver quality and precision to their customers. They have at least 55 CNC lathes that have accuracies as good as 0.002mm. Some of the CNC machine types in their portfolio are high speed CNC machines from MIKON, FANUC, and Japan OKK.

When it comes to the personnel at YCX, the quality is equally impressive. The company is able to constantly deliver great CNC machining services and products thanks to the extensive prowess and experience of the workers. For instance, they have very dependable programmers with work experience going over two decades.

Talking of CNC products and services, YCX has a lot to offer. Indeed, they a go-to solution for many industries for their reliable CNC products and services. They have thus created a wide client base. Over the years, they have managed to serve clients in the aerospace, automotive, construction, and household goods segments of the market.

The goal of this popular CNC machining company is to provide the highest quality of products. They are particularly intent on responding to orders as fast as possible.


This is another renowned CNC machining company in China. They are located in QH Industrial Building, Songbai Road, Shenzhen City, China.

This company was also established in 2002, initially as a machining factory. In the subsequent decades, DEK grew tremendously and expanded its operations. Today, it is a full service firm concentrating on precision machining, CNC machining, among other operations.

The company is popular for the provision of a wide range of CNC machining services. Their list of these services includes CNC milling services, CNC turning services, and Swiss CNC machining. Others are precision grinding services, EDM machining services, and deep hole drilling services.

DEK has reliable CNC machines that cater for different materials. It does not matter which matter you want machined. This CNC machining service provider will handle the job for you.

Available metals for CNC machining work at DEK are aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and alloy steel. There is also tool steel, brass, copper, Inconel, and titanium.

The number of solutions at DEK are a testament why this company is one of the best in China. Customers can get custom CNC services rapid prototyping. Also on the list is low-volume manufacturing, mass production, subcontract machining, and ultra precision machining.

All in all, DEK is a one-stop shop for high quality CNC products. They have many solutions and products that appeal to customers from far and wide. With over two decades of experience backed by an experienced team, the company is raring to continue. There is no doubt that they are one of the top CNC machining companies in China.

Why Choose CNC Machining Manufacturer in China?

There is a common and undisputed trend where businesses globally are outsourcing their CNC manufacturing processes to China. One may wonder then, what makes China so attractive for CNC machining?

High Quality CNC Parts

One of the most compelling reasons has to be the high quality of CNC parts from manufacturers in the country. Chinese CNC machining firms are equipped with the best machinery. Innovations for even better machinery emerge everyday.

World Class Expertise

To add to the excellent technology is the high level of expertise in the CNC machining factories in China. Overtime, the world has come to dispel the notion that the affordable CNC services align with less skilled workforce. The personnel in CNC machining service firms in China are some of the best in the world.

Potential for Higher Profits

Talking of costs, you also want to choose CNC machining manufacturer in China because of the potential high profits. Those who have managed to carefully compare the manufacturing process costs in China with other parts of the world can attest.

Whatever CNC machining services you analyze, the answer is the same – the profits are higher with CNC machining in China. CNC machining work is more affordable in China due to the affordable labor and raw materials.

Accessibility of the Service Providers

Some of the businesses that outsource for CNC machines in China are from far corners of the globe. An obvious discouragement would be that the distance is too long. Yet, technology already made the world a global village.

CNC machining service providers in China are renowned for their flawless interaction with their varied clients across the globe regardless of distance. Furthermore, there are systems that enable real time tracking of work progress.

Availability of Minimum Order Quantity

CNC machining service companies typically have minimum order quantity (MOQ). The MOQ is the lowest amount one can order from the company. It is an important business concept that protects interests.

The seller steers away from the risk of ordering many defective parts. It offers a chance to see if the parts meet the required standards. It is also an effective gauge for the turnaround time.

It is advantageous to have a supplier with a low MOQ. Many CNC machining companies in China have low MOQ. That’s another reason they are more popular than suppliers from other parts of the world.


We have covered 10 of the most notable CNC machining companies in China. These companies offer a lot to their companies – from precision CNC products to rapid prototyping. Hopefully, you are now more confident that your choice of Chinese companies is not far-fetched.

The blend of qualities displayed by these companies is all that you need for reliable CNC machine services and products. Consider factors such as quick turnaround, use of advanced CNC machinery, and prompt customer service.

Other qualities of a good CNC machining service are competitive prices and certification with the relevant authorities. If you have ever wondered what makes a good CNC machine company, then these companies have your answer.

At Aria Manufacturing, the past and the present are enough proof that we are up to the task. Our prowess in plastic and metal CNC machining is unrivaled.

We have over 10 years of successful provision of world class CNC services and products. With extensive experience working with clients in diverse industries, we are up to the task.

Give us your specific requirements and leave the rest to us. Don’t even worry about pricing – ours are the most competitive around.

You can call us any time and ask for a free quote.


Gavin Leo is a technical writer at Aria with 8 years of experience in Engineering, He proficient in machining characteristics and surface finish process of various materials. and participated in the development of more than 100complex injection molding and CNC machining projects. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience.