Sheet Metal Fabrication

we are able to perform large volumes in a short time. We quickly and inexpensively carry out work on cutting and fabrication sheet metal in China. Our equipment allows you to cut sheet metal up to 5 mm thick and bend at any angle with a bend length of up to 1000 mm.

Sheet metal thickness 0.5 - 10mm

More than 10 kind of materials and finishes are available

Fastest delivery time 3 working days

sheet metal fabrication

CNC Milling Services

CNC milling services is basically a machine-induced process that is responsible for the production of custom-designed parts. These parts are produced from the workpiece. The process is done by rotating multipoint cutting tools. The system has three linear degrees of freedom. The system can move around the X, Y, and Z-Axis freely.

CNC Milling Service​

3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis CNC Milling Services are available

Rapid services, your parts can be shipped as fast as 3 days

Tolerances of ±0.005mm are achievable

Why Choose Aria

We produce parts on special CNC machines that are ideal for sheet metal work. Due to this, our production has a number of significant advantages over other methods of manufacturing parts:

Structure design 06

High quality

Madearia will help you make quality prototypes and end pieces with our range of machining technologies. We have fabrication specialists with many years of experience in creating complex parts. From brackets to chassis, body frame, shrouds, and more, our sheet metal processing will provide you with great parts with dimensional accuracy.

CNC Machining Services

Complete assemblies

Our versatile sheet metal services mean we have ample in-house ability to make your part from start to finish. Our privacy and security will help protect your ideas. Our post-processing finishing options will help you keep parts consistent across your complete assemblies.

CNC machining services

Instant quotation and design For production

We provide each customer with a free project analysis and quotation to improve design, optimize performance, speed and cost savings.

What is sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is an umbrella term for many of the processing methods used to transform flat and thin sheets of metal into a quality end use part. Sheet metal refers to thin sheets of metal stock that are no more than 0.25 inches thick.

The process starts with a cad file – a digital copy of the final design intended for the part. Depending on the manufacturing process, sheet metal can be cut on a laser cutting machine that uses pre-programmed instructions to guide the cutting tool path. Alternatively, parts are made using one or more laser cutting, milling, shaping, bending, punching, cutting, or stamping processes. 

Sheet metal parts can have simple or complex geometries. Affordability, scalability and a wide choice of materials make sheet metal fabrication popular in several industries. It is widely used in the manufacture of housings, brackets and chassis for parts.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes

The manufacturing method usually depends on the size of the part, the complexity of the design, and the type of finish. We offer the most popular metal fabrication operations covering cutting, forming and joining processes.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting

Laser cutting speed, high quality, dimension accuracy of parts up to ±0.05mm. With smooth surface, surface roughness is only dozens of microns, no mechanical processing, parts can be used directly.

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting machine does not need to preheat the workpiece, melting speed, cutting surface smooth, not easy to cause workpiece deformation; When cutting the workpiece with thickness less than 40mm, both quality and speed have obvious advantages.

Plasma cutting
Water cutting ​

Water cutting

Water cutting can be arbitrarily carved workpiece, and is little affected by the texture of the material.  Because of its low cost, easy operation, and high yield, water cutting is gradually becoming the mainstream of industrial cutting technology.


Bending is the final step in forming sheet metal parts. They can fold the sheet metal into the desired shape.  Through the bending machine knife and the next knife on the sheet metal cold pressure deformation, get the required shape of the process called bending.

sheet metal Bending
sheet metal Welding


Welding requirements are neat and uniform, firm and reliable.  The traditional welding process has been replaced by laser welding, because of the rapid development of laser technology; laser welding is faster, higher efficiency, small deformation, low labor cost.

Materials of Sheet Metal Fabrication

The manufacturing method usually depends on the size of the part, the complexity of the design, and the type of finish. We offer the most popular metal fabrication operations covering cutting, forming and joining processes.

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a=Aluminum Materials


Aluminum is a silver-white light metal. It is malleable, and products are often made into a column, rod, and sheet shapes. It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, low cost, and recyclability.

  • Subtypess: 6061, 5052
Stainless-steel materials

Stainless Steel

Steel grades that are resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water, or have rust resistance are called stainless steel; it is suitable for making products that need to be exposed to the environment for a long time.

  • Subtypess: 301, 304, 316
Mild Steel materials

Mild Steel

Mild Steel is carbon steel with a carbon content of less than 0.25%, Because of its low strength and hardness, plasticity, ductility, and punch resistance are better.

  • Subtypes:: 1018
Copper Materials


Pure copper is a soft metal with a purple-red luster, with a density of 8.92 g/cm3. Good ductility, high thermal and electrical conductivity, so it is often used to make electronic components.

  • Subtypess: 101, C110

Sheet Metal Bending Types

The use of high-quality equipment and strict adherence to technology make the procedure simple and fast. Before fabrication, the metal sheet is checked for defects, and only after that a product of high quality is created.

Structure design 06


the upper part of the workpiece is compressed, and the lower part is adjacent to the walls of the mechanism and stretched

CNC Machining Services


The program is almost identical to V-Shape, the difference is only in the number of processing steps;

CNC machining services


allows you to form complex shapes, while to create a structure, you can use both one element and several;

CNC machining services


allows you to get a smooth bend, used to create loops, clamps, and so on.

Advantages of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Strength / Weight ratio

Sheet metal parts made of steel, aluminum and copper have an excellent strength to weight ratio. This makes them ideal for applications where high strength and lightweight are vital.

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Sheet metal fabrication can make quality parts independent of volume. With sheet metal fabrication, you can expect the same quality on ten parts to match one thousand. This is great for rapid prototyping and small scale production.

CNC milling icon05


Sheet metal parts allow the production of high volume end pieces at a lower unit cost. it is a more efficient solution for producing quality end parts.

CNC milling icon04


Sheet metal produces high-strength metal parts and is well suited for both functional prototypes and end-use manufacturing.

CNC milling icon06

End use product quality

Sheet metal parts are durable for direct use of components and as part of other parts. Most sheet metal parts can be used directly for end-use product after painting or electroplating.

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Customized finish

Sheet metal parts can be painted, anodized, electroplated and finished in several ways to decorate and improve your parts functionality.

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