CNC Machining Aluminum

CNC machining Aluminum

Aluminum is a metal material widely used in many industries. Compared with other metals, it has good machinability and flexibility, low density, and low cost. The finished product surface treatment is simple and diverse.

CNC Machining Aluminum

Aluminum is a metal material widely used in many industries. Compared with other metals, it has good machinability and flexibility, low density, and low cost. The finished product surface treatment is simple and diverse.

CNC machining Aluminum


Full Name


Finishing options

Mold texturing,Anodizing,Laser engraving,Electroplating, Electropolishing,Bead Blasting


Locomotive manufacturing, Aviation, Visual packaging, Construction, Household appliances







Brinell 55 – 95


High mechanical properties,  High ductility, Good corrosion resistance,  Good toughness and fatigue resistance, Easy to machine

Elongation at Break

5 – 11%


2.70 – 3.0 g/cm³


Aluminum metal is a soft silvery light metal that stretches easily. It has high toughness and ductility. It can be used for aluminum CNC machining and casting. In daily production, the use of pure aluminum is less, but aluminum and other metals formed aluminum alloy, widely used, such as automobile manufacturing, construction, electronic products, and so on.

Aluminum Subtypes

Aluminum 2024

It is high-strength aluminum alloy that is often used in the aerospace industry. It has good machinability and resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

Aluminum 5052

It is a non-heat-treatable alloy that has good weldability and formability. It is often used in the food and chemical industries because it is resistant to corrosion.

Aluminum 5083

It is a non-heat-treatable aluminum alloys that is highly weldable and has excellent corrosion resistance. It is often used in the marine industry because of its high strength and resistance to seawater corrosion.

Aluminum 6061

It is an all-purpose aluminum alloys that can be formed in a variety of ways. Hardness is better than 6063, It is commonly used for machining because it has good weldability and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum 6063

It is the most popular aluminium alloy for extrusion because it has good formability and weldability. Mainly used for building profile aluminum alloy doors and Windows, electronic products shell, etc.

Aluminum 6082

It has medium strength and good welding performance, corrosion resistance, mainly used in transportation and structural engineering industry. Such as Bridges, cranes, roof racks, transport planes, transport ships, etc.

Aluminum 7075

It is a high-strength alloy that is often used in the aerospace industry. It has good fatigue resistance, good corrosion resistance and is also resistant to stress-corrosion cracking.

Formability or Workability Weldability Machining Corrosion Resistance Heat Treating Strength Typical Application
Aluminum 1100 Excellent Excellent Good Excellent No Low Metal Spinning
Aluminum 2011 Good Poor Excellent Poor Yes High General Machining
Aluminum 2024 Good Poor Fair Poor Yes High Aerospace Application
Aluminum 3003 Excellent Excellent Good Good No Medium Chemical Equipment
Aluminum 5052 Good Good Fair Excellent No Medium Marine Application
Aluminum 5083 Good Excellent Good Good No High Railroad cars
Aluminum 6061 Good Good Good Excellent Yes Medium Structural Application
Aluminum 6063 Good Good Fair Good Yes Medium Architectural Application
Aluminum 6082 Good Good Good Excellent Yes Medium Structural Engineering
Aluminum 7075 Poor Poor Fair Average Yes High Aerospace Application

CNC Aluminum Machining Processes

The manufacturing method usually depends on the size of the part, the complexity of the design, and the type of finish. Aria custom aluminum parts with high precision.

cnc milling

CNC Milling

It is a manufacturing processes suitable for producing high-precision, high-tolerance parts, It is mainly used for the shape processing of aluminum parts, Includes grooves, chamfering, threads and cavities.

CNC Turning

It can be used to process aluminum parts with rotating surface, such as inner and outer cylinder, inner and outer cone, end face, groove, thread and rotary forming surface, etc.

cnc turning
CNC Drilling

CNC Drilling

It is a manufacturing process in which a drill bit is used to create holes in the workpiece, its simple operation, strong adaptability, widely used.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a process that uses a high-power laser to cut material into desired shapes and sizes. it can be used to cut the thickness of less than 20mm aluminum plate.

Laser cutting


It is a machining aluminium process that removes material from the surface of the workpiece to create a smooth, flat surface.

Post-Machining Process


Anodizing is an electrolytic process that increases the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface of the metal. This process is often used to increase the corrosion resistance of aluminum.

Sand Blast
Sand Blast

Sand blasting is a process in which sand is used to remove rust or paint from the surface of a workpiece. It can also be used to create a textured finish on the surface of the aluminum machining parts.


It is a processing method that reduces the surface roughness of aluminum parts by mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to obtain a bright and smooth surface.

power coating
Powder Coating

It is a type of coating that is applied as a dry powder. The powder is then cured under heat to form a tough, durable finish. This process is often used to increase the durability of aluminum.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is a process in which the metal is heated and cooled to change its properties. This process can be used to increase the hardness, strength, and wear resistance of aluminum.

Advantages of CNC Aluminum Machining

Reduce processing steps

The whole process is carried out automatically according to the program instructions. CNC Machine automation degree is high, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.

High Quality

Stable processing quality, high processing accuracy, high repetition accuracy, This means that once the program is proven, it can easily produce two, ten, or a thousand identical parts with the same precision and consistency. Can realize mass production, product quality is easy to control.

High efficiency

CNC machining can be multi-coordinate linkage, processing complex zero. When the shape and size of parts need to be changed, only the NC program needs to be changed, saving production preparation time.

Strong Manufacturing Flexibility 

Greatly reduce the number of tooling, machining complex shape parts do not need complex tooling. If you want to change the shape and size of parts, only need to modify parts processing procedures, suitable for new product development and modification.

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