ABS Injection Molding

Using ABS as injection molding basic materials has numerous benefits, ABS Materials are easy to form and have excellent processability, high impact strength, dimensional stability, tensile strength, and stiffness. 

ABS Injection Molding


Full Name

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Finishing options

Mold texturing,Pad printing,Laser engraving,Electroplating, Bead Blasting


Impact-resistant applications, Appliances, Housings, Toys





Black, Natural color


Good Scratch Resistance, High Gloss, Strong toughness, Ease of processing

Tensile Strength​

5500 PSI

Elongation at Break



1.04~1.06 g/㎤

Material Processing Info

Materials Type Drying Temperature Drying Time Melt Temperature Mold temperature Flexural Stress Injection Pressure Molding shrinkage
POLYLAC PA-746 80-85°C 2-3 Hours 190 - 230°C 30 - 60°C 63.4 MPa 50 - 80 MPa 0.6%
POLYLAC PA-765 80-85°C 2-4 Hours 190 - 220°C 40 - 70°C 60.7 MPa 55.2 - 82.7 MPa 0.5%
Cycolac MG47 80-95 °C 2-4 Hours 220 - 260°C 30 - 60°C 72 MPa 70 - 110 MPa 0.5 - 0.8%
Lustran 433 79°C 2-4 Hours 180 - 210°C 43 - 66°C 72.4 MPa 70 - 110 MPa 0.4 - 0.6%
Lustran PG 298 82-88°C 3-5 Hours 265 - 280°C 50 - 60°C 79 MPa 55.0 MPa 0.4 - 0.6%
RTP 605 82.2°C 2-3 Hours 204 - 238°C 63 - 85°C 134 MPa 68.9 - 103 MPa 0.2 - 0.4%
Lustran 348 79°C 2-4 Hours 246 - 274°C 29 - 60°C 75.8 MPa 55.0 MPa 0.35%
ABS Injection Molding Materials

What Is ABS Plastic?

ABS plastic is the abbreviation for Acrylonitrin Butadiene Styrene; ABS plastic has the characteristics of being hard, solid but not brittle, electrically insulating, waterproof, very durable, so temperature and chemicals do not deform the product. .

ABS plastic can be easily processed and shaped, so the products made from this plastic are always diverse and rich, giving consumers many different choices. 

Application of ABS Plastic in Life

ABS injection molding services can be used for a variety of purposes, and they are already used in every aspect of our lives.

Used as toys

ABS plastic is one of two types of plastic (also PP ) that is allowed to be used to make toys for children. Toys made from ABS plastic will be extremely safe for children, it does not have an unpleasant plastic smell, is more durable, does not bleed, but the price will also be more expensive. 

Household & Electronics

ABS plastic has excellent insulating properties and inherent solid characteristics, so ABS plastic is used to make equipment covers, make some insulating accessories such as electrical socket covers, electrical panels, blender shells, juicers, ….

Construction & Packaging

ABS plastic is applied to the production of water pipes, gene pipes, etc. With very high mechanical strength and good rigidity, ABS plastic can be used as containers, special packaging, helmets, etc.

Automobile industry

injection molding is one of the main methods used by manufacturering automotive  parts.   ABS plastic is used to make some engine parts of cars, interior components, for example instrument assembly, inner surface, dashboard panel, door handle…

Outstanding Features of ABS Plastic Material

ABS injection molding parts

If only through a basic concept like the above, you will probably only vaguely understand this type of ABS plastic material. Moreover, it will be difficult to explain the question of why out of all the plastics on the market, ABS plastic are so widely used and how to distinguish them from other types of plastic. Therefore, we have researched and synthesized the outstanding features of this material as follows.

1. Can withstand good impact, good stability and dyeable

2. Easily machined and shaped for machines, high mechanical strength, high rigidity

3.Possessing low water absorption, good corrosion resistance and simple connection

4. ABS plastic is non-toxic and odorless, with excellent chemical and electrical properties

5. Can withstand heat and does not deform, with good force resistance even at low temperatures

6.This is a hard material, not easily scratched, not easily deformed

7.Normally, ABS plastic is ivory white, very tough

The Reasons Why We Should Use ABS Plastic Material

Based on our research and practical experience, it can be seen that ABS plastic is one of the most valuable plastic materials to use, for the following reasons:

ABS plastic is very sturdy and durable

This is one of the most outstanding features of this material that we have mentioned to you in the above section. Any type of material or material when given for evaluation will also consider this factor. Because they will greatly determine the quality and design of the product. 
Moreover, with hot and humid weather conditions and often erratic changes, we should use these types of items to ensure the long life of the product can.
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Many superior properties

We all know that wood and especially natural wood has always been the leading material in many different production fields, with outstanding advantages that cannot be found in other materials other. 

①  The weight is always lighter
②  Better water resistance
③  Fire resistance is kept to a minimum

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ABS plastic is a safe material

Plastic products always make consumers worry about their safety for human health. It is undeniable that there are many types of toxic plastic and it is even recommended that children should not use it such as formaldehyde, BPA, Vinyl Chloride… because it is the cause of many dangerous diseases: cancer and infertility. 

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ABS plastic has a reasonable price

While raw materials exploited in the natural environment are seeing a marked increase in selling prices, ABS plastic is still in the mid-range – high-end segment. Compared to the quality, this price is always considered to be completely reasonable and suitable for the user’s pocket. 

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