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CNC turning services helps fabricate contoured cylindrical parts while providing repeatability, exceptional accuracy, high precision, and cost-effectiveness. With the help of turning, a wide range of shapes can be given to the workpiece, such as cylinders, cones, disks, polygonal, hexagonal, or a combination of these shapes with axial symmetry. It is helpful in both small batches and mass production.

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The Types of CNC Turning Services

CNC turning is a lathe tooling operation that removes the material from the external surface of the workpiece. The type of CNC turning services below:


Cylindrical Turning

It is a process that reduces the diameter of the workpiece uniformly in order to prevent any variation in the cutting diameter. 


Taper Turning

Taper turning is the one in which a cylindrical shape is created out of a workpiece with a decreasing diameter.



Grooving is a type of CNC turning process in which a narrow cavity is formed by pressing a shaped tool into the workpiece.



Parting is the process in which gouging is done for removing the whole piece from the original workpiece.


Spherical Generation

A form is created around a fixed axis with the help of a program for lowering the diameter to zero to obtain a perfect spherical shape.



The knurling process is one in which a workpiece is cut into a serrated pattern. It is used for those materials needing extra grip.



Threading is a type of CNC turning. It helps in making grooves that can make the workpiece to be easily screwed into other objects.



A single-point tool is fed linearly, parallel to the axis of rotation, on the inside diameter of an existing hole in the part.

How does CNC Turning Work?

Online CNC Turning Services​

CNC lathes produce precision turning parts in circular or cylindrical shapes with complete finished products, requiring no secondary operation on other CNC processing equipment. The CNC controller works with the drive motor to make multiple components work together and completes the designed movement according to the CNC programming moving shaft.

1. Upload the G-code file to the CNC lathe.
2. Install cylindrical block and secure to chuck.
3. Set up the turn spindle to desired speed, then turn chuck and workpiece.
4. Move tool turret and carriage to position tool for specific feed.
5. Cutting operations to remove excess material and complete lathe parts.

Available materials for CNC Turning Services

Metal Materials


Stainless steel

Mild, Alloy & Tool steel

Other Common Metals



Mild steel 1008

Brass 260



Mild steel 1018

Brass 2680



Mild steel 1020

Brass 360



Mild steel 1025

Brass 385



Mild steel 1045(#45)

Brass H59



Alloy steel 1215

Brass H62



Alloy steel 4041


ADC12 (A380)


40Cr steel

Copper 101


Alloy steel 4130

Copper 110


Alloy steel 4137

Titanium TC2


Alloy steel 4140

Titanium TC4


Alloy steel 4040

Titanium TC5

Tool Steel A2

Tool Steel A3

Tool Steel D2 (Mould steel)

Tool Steel S7

Plastic Materials

Commom Plastic

Reinforced Plastic


Garolite G-10


Polypropylene (PP) 30%GF

Nylon 6

Nylon 30%GF

Delrin (POM-H)








PTFE (Teflon)

Tolerance of CNC Turning Services

Limits for nominal size

Metals (ISO 2768- f)

Plastics (ISO 2768- m)

0.5mm* to 3mm



Over 3mm to 6mm



Over 6mm to 30mm



Over 30mm to 120mm



Over 120mm to 400mm



Over 400mm to 1000mm



Over 1000mm to 2000mm



Applications of CNC Turning Services


Include low pass filter shaft, throttle control shaft, valve housing, hydraulic valve, pressure sensor housing, temperature sensor housing, sensor housing, sensor metal shell, pipe joint, etc.

Medical industry

Can be used to manufacture different medical tooling and mold components, packaging, testing machine parts, R&D fixtures,  processing machinery replacement, and analysis instrument parts.


Used in the electronics industry to manufacture earphones, contact pins, aluminum pipe, conductive pins, bushes, probes, pivot pintle, testing tool, and other electronic product accessories.


The CNC turning process is used for manufacturing shafts, eccentric hallow shafts, probes, fasteners, connectors, and related parts in the aerospace industry.

Advantages of CNC Turning Services

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Since CAD or CAM programs are involved in the process, the rate of natural human error is drastically reduced.

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As the process provides high precision, mass production of components can be prepared to meet the needs of different applications.

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CNC turning offers excellent repeatability by manufacturing components in mass-scale or even small batches with unparalleled accuracy.

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Faster Results

The CNC lathe machine can complete production relatively faster while retaining the quality of all the finished products.

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The CNC lathe body has a fully or semi-enclosed protective device for reducing labor intensity and preventing flying debris from the finished product.

Save Cost

The CNC turning services reduces errors in the manufacturing process and eliminates unnecessary waste.

CNC Machining FAQs

A: CNC machining is a wide-ranging manufacturing category involving multiple computer-managed processes. The objective is to remove enough raw material from a piece to achieve a state of near completion.

A: Aria is a professional CNC machining manufacturer in China, The reliability and precision of high-tech tools powered by sophisticated software programs give CNC machining the ability to quickly generate prototypes and complicated end-use parts having exceptionally tight tolerances. with low cnc machining costs from Chinese.

A: CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process. When the material is added instead of removed, it’s called an additive manufacturing process. Examples of subtractive CNC machining include specialized applications such as CNC milling services, turning, surface grinding, and EDM. An example of additive CNC machining is 3D printing.

A: The spinning motion from the CNC machine’s cutter will leave visible tool marks. Although they stand ready for immediate service, they can be further refined with anodizing, painting, polishing, and plating.

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