Insert Molding Services

Insert molding is a technique in which plastic is molded and covered around a core that can be made up of plastic or metal or any other material. Both the layers are connected to each other to make them appear as a single unit.

The entire process will involve combining the metal and the outer plastic cover together to make it a single component. The insert molding method is applied in places where we want to improve the engineered plastic’s resistance and strength.

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CNC Milling Service​

CNC Milling Services

CNC milling services is basically a machine-induced process that is responsible for the production of custom-designed parts. These parts are produced from the workpiece. The process is done by rotating multipoint cutting tools. The system has three linear degrees of freedom. The system can move around the X, Y, and Z-Axis freely.

CNC Milling Service​

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Overmolding VS Insert molding

The process of over-molding and insert molding utilizes similar machinery and materials. Over molding requires more complicated machinery and a complex procedure. Insert molding provides numerous benefits over regular techniques

reucing tooling cost

Save Cost

It might allow efficient mixing of the materials without a lot of wastage.It will save a lot of money and manpower.

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Save Time

The assembly step is straightforward regarding the insert molding. Hence the process might save time at the exact moment.

injection molding surface quality

Improve Quality

It can attach materials and mold together very efficiently. No other molding process can meet the quality provided by this technique.

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Inprove Strength

The inserts that are used can improve the strength and the durability of the combined product.

How does it work?

The process of Insert Injection Molding requires special machines that can help in molding easily. The method of inserting injection molding improves the tolerance. This process can easily fabricate plastic parts. You can even reinforce special plastic on different core materials to get better material. The entire process depends on the proper alignment of the plastic over the core materials. If there is a misalignment even in millimeters, the process will get hampered, and it will result in complete failure of the molding process. The process is a work of art, and if you meet the correct specifications over the device, the process yields a great product.

Insert molding is different from over-molding as it uses a preformed part over which the fabrication is done. This part is basically a metal that is loaded into the mold. Further, it is reinforced with plastic to create the product finally. This process is used in numerous sectors and has wide applications.

Step 1:

In the initial step, a customized mold is made, This mold could be loaded in insert later on. The mold is customized on the shape and design of the object we want on the product. 

Step 2:

The chosen plastic is melted, This molten plastic is inserted into the mould.

Step 3:

All the components are separated by sprues and further examined, Sprues act as a reserve for the plastic while the molding process is in function.

Step 4:

The mould is opened before attaching the sprues, and the components are completely removed. The post-molding procedures involve different secondary operations.

Step 5:

The circuit testing could be done to let you know about the accuracy of the mold. Die-cutting and stamping can also be done. Micro soldering and even bonding with different bonding agents can also be used.

Applications of Insert Molding

The process of insert molding can be used in various sectors, and here we have listed some of the best applications of the process. 

Auto Parts

Insert molding process is common in the field of automotive interior decoration, especially in the instrument panel airbag area is widely used, and the injection molding process is applied in the instrument panel airbag area.

Military equipment

Military equipment uses reinforced materials to improve strength and resistance. There is a lot of military equipment made up of insert molding techniques that provide efficient stability to the material.

In-mold labeling

In-mold labeling uses printed film in which the molding is done. In this process, the outermost layer, which is made up of reinforced plastic and more such materials, is decorated to get the desired structure.

Electric components

In the insert molding, the core metal or the core substance chosen should be according to what’s required in the electric device. Resistance plays a significant role in such electric devices

Electronic products

Insert molding service is often used in electronic products, such as notebook, mobile phone, digital camera, TV, etc. The shells of these products are usually inserted metal parts by insert molding process.

Encapsulated studs

Different encapsulated tubes are made by the insert molding process. Insert molding can quickly help out in this process. The outer layer of the tubes makes it look fancier, and this could be done quickly by Insert molding.

Knobs and controls

The knobs and controls that are put on different machines are made up of reinforced plastics and metals, The core of knobs is basically made up of solid metals partially covered or even sometimes completely covered with plastics.

Electric components

Numerous medical devices are also fabricated by the process of insert molding. The process makes up different tube valves and needles. Such as portable measuring instrument,Large inspection equipment

Advantages of Insert Molding


When the mold design is inserted with the needed metal, it can quickly help in increasing the stability of the entire product.

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Plastic parts can make the overall product very light, and on the other hand, when the inner core metal is combined with the plastic cover, it increases the strength.

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Improvement with the size

One can make thinner and smaller products with the same strength and durability and can even get better performance by using insert molding.

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The molding production is much more cost-effective. the assembly cost is low, there is minimal labor cost related to the process.

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it is a one doesn’t require manual handling and the entire labor-related process. the efficiency of the process gets better.

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Variety of materials

You can use numerous materials and even plastic resins in the entire process of insert molding.

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Variety of designs

The insert molding technique is used to design different parts and models in numerous industries these days.

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Improves the reliability

The reliability of the products produced by the machine used in the process is more significant than all other molding techniques.

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