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Day: October 29, 2021

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Injection Molding Parts
How to improve the efficiency of injection molding?

In recent years, the injection molding industry told the development.  Injection molding products are in all walks of life.  Mainly includes auto parts, electronic parts, hardware tools, electrical shells, etc.;  Aria is an injection molding manufacturer established for more than ten years from China, and the development rate of these years is much higher than the national average level. Since 2010, Aria has focused on

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The rheology of injection molding plastics

The rheology of injection plastics refers to the science of studying the flow and deformation characteristics of plastics during injection. Rheology is the study of material flow and deformation behavior. Rheology of injection plastic studies the flow and deformation behavior of plastic under high temperature and high pressure injection molding machine. Plastic will be dissolved by heat or the pressure provided by the injection molding machine, the

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