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What is Injection Molding
Injection molding temperature: A Basic Guide

Home >  Blog > 1. Tube temperature The temperature of the material tube significantly influences injection pressure in an injection machine. Typically, these machines consist of 4 to 6 heating sections within the material tube, each calibrated to suit the specific molding temperature requirements of different plastics. Plastic physical properties table Keeping the melt temperature just right is super important. If it’s too low, the

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Insert Molding Vs Overmolding
Insert Molding vs Overmolding: What is the Difference?

A lot has changed ever since Hyatt invented the pioneer molding technique in the 1870s. The plastic processing industry is now characterized by complexity and effectiveness. Virtually every manufacturing sector uses plastic products. This has led to the emergence of ingenious manufacturing, for example, insert molding and overmolding. As molten plastic-based process, insert molding and overmolding can be confusing. In this post, we deep dive

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Injection molding Bosses
Screw Bosses Design Guide For Custom Plastic Parts

In today’s world, injection molded parts are more commonplace than ever. They have applications in most industries including automotive, electronics, kids toys, health care, and more. Plastic injection molding is a popular method of fabricating plastic parts. At its simplest, it involves injecting molten plastic into a mold cavity where it then cools and solidifies acquiring the shape of the mold. Sounds easy, right? Not

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injection molding types gate
Types Of Injection Molding Gates For Custom Parts

The plastic injection molding process entails a machine that introduces molten plastic into the mold cavity. Once the plastic solidifies in a predetermined shape and size, an ejection mechanism releases it. One of the instrumental components of the injection molding process is the injection molding gate. For the molding product developer, delivering the best injection molding service requires an in-depth understanding of injection molding gate

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Injection molding process
Tips to Reduce Plastic Injection Molding Cost

As a professional engineer with over 8 years of experience, I have overseen many injection molding projects. I frequently find the beauty and intricacy of transforming raw materials into precisely molded plastic components fascinating. One thing that really stands out is producing quality parts at the lowest possible cost. For any project to be successful, cost-effectiveness is always a top priority. In this article, I

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prototype injection molding
Rapid Prototype For Injection Molding Services

Prototyping is essential for manufacturing custom parts or improving an existing product design. After 2D drawings and 3D modeling, the next step is rapid prototyping. There are many reasons to consider prototype injection molding and even bigger reasons to prefer it over 3D printing. In this 5-minute read, you’ll find detailed instructions on prototype injection molding, considerations, and the product development cycle. What is Prototypes

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injection molding wall thickness
Injection molding wall thickness guide for custom parts

This is article is a complete guide to injection molding wall thickness. If you are a product designer and desires; To gain essential knowledge on injection moulding wall thickness Acquire tips on the best practices used in injection moulding. Get answers to some of the FAQs on injection moulding This article is for you. Now, let’s dive in. What is Injection Molding Process? Injection molding

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Draft Angle
Injection Molding Draft Angle Guide For Custom Parts

Toys, car components, and numerous other products are made through the injection molding process. Designing a custom part to suit manufacturability involves many factors that the engineers need to incorporate. Working closely with the design professionals from the onset of the project may help optimize the manufacturing capabilities of custom parts. Injection molding draft angle is one of the early approaches that contribute to optimized

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Injection Molding China
Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in China

Home >  Blog > Also Read: Top 10 Injection molding companies in mexico Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Germany Top 10 Injection Molding Companies In Australia Top 10 Injection Moulding Companies In The UK As the global economy develops, China has become one of the important manufacturing bases for the plastic injection molding industry. In China, many strong plastic injection molding companies possess advanced

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Injection molding design guide
Injection Molding Design Guide: Materials Selection and Part Design

Injection molding is a production technique widely used in manufacturing to make a variety of plastic products such as bottles, LIDS, parts, etc. Here are some guidelines for injection molding design: Injection Molding Design Guide 1: Material Selection Choosing the right plastic material is very important for injection molding. Considering the required strength, hardness, wear resistance, temperature range and chemical stability, choosing the most suitable

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