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SPI Finishing
SPI Surface Finishes Basic Guide

Home >  Blog > The SPI, founded in 1937, has been instrumental in developing industry standards and guidelines for various aspects of the plastics industry. Over time, the SPI surface finish standards have been refined and widely accepted as a crucial part of communication between designers, manufacturers, and clients. They provide a clear and standardized way to specify the desired appearance and texture of injection-molded

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Surface Finishing
Surface Roughness For Custom CNC Machining Parts

Home >  Blog > Engineers and manufacturers use various methods to predict the performance of a component. The surface roughness of the component is one of the most popular of these methods. Surface roughness measurement is common in quality assurance in virtually every manufacturing process. Other parameters that go alongside surface roughness are strength and tolerances. Surface roughness can affect product performance, visual appeal, and

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Anodized Steel Process
What Is Anodized Steel And How Does It Work?

Anodized steel is ordinary steel with an extra oxide coating to protect it from corrosion and prolong its usage. But what is anodizing? And how does it work?  Anodizing is a crucial step in making metal products and as an experienced engineer, I’ve seen anodizing process in every CNC shop.  In this guide, I’m going to cover what is anodized steel and how does it

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Electroplating Nickel
Electroplating: Process, Types and Applications

In the industrial setting, it is common to subject materials to coating. Manufacturers do this to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also to add protection against extreme conditions and damage. Metals, concrete, and plastics can all undergo coating, but is the former that appears to be most common. In this article, we will review one coating method – electroplating. Many manufacturers use this

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Black Oxide Coating
Black Oxide Coating: Process, Types, and Applications

Today, black oxide coatings are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive parts, tools, fasteners and decorative items. The process is adapted and optimized to meet modern industry standards and requirements for corrosion resistance, aesthetics and functionality. What is Black Oxide Coating? https://youtu.be/vyvfR1NNQK4 Black oxide coating is part of the conversion coating family, characterized by using chemical reactions to create the coating. It’s

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Brushing finish
Brushing Finish: Process, Types, Materials and Benefits

In the realm of metal manufacturing, there exists a myriad of techniques that transform raw metal finishing surfaces into captivating works of art. the most commonly used surface finishes including: polishing, brushed, anodized, power coating… In this article, we will delve into the artistry behind brushing finish, exploring the process, tools, and techniques involved. What does a brushed finish look like? A brushing finish is

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Polishing finish
Polished Finish Surface: Processes, Types dnd Benefits

At Aria Manufacturing Limited, we are dedicated to giving you quality CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication technology that’s durable and meets your exact aesthetic needs. In this article, I will brush up on your understanding of polishing finish to machined metal parts. You will learn what it is, the steps involved, types and benefits. What Is A Polishing Finish? Polishing is a process that

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laser engraving process
Everything You Need to Know About Laser Engraving

Home >  Blog > Looking for laser engraving services? Not sure where to start? Worry no more! In this post, I will give you a full guide to laser engraving. Did you know that Over the past 2022, Aria has sculpted more than half a million metal and plastic parts with laser engraving? We have professional engineers and can deal with all kinds of reproduction

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Adoline finish
Alodine finish : Process, Types, benefit & Use

Home >  Blog > Have you ever worked with steel tools or aluminum parts and noticed a golden surface finish on them? Well, that’s alodine coating, and today I will share with you the entire process of alodine finish. But before that, let’s look at what alodine coating is. What is Alodine Coating? Alodine or alodine coating is a surface treatment method that protects the

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Spot Color Screen Printing
Screen Printing 101: Process, Types, and Benefits

Home >  Blog > Screen printing has become a popular method for creating mass printing tasks across various industries due to its customizable colour options. It originated in the advertising industry sector in the 19th century and can be done manually or through automation using advanced technology. The main advantage of screen printing is its ability to print on almost any surface, such as fabric,

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