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PLA VS ABS, What is difference use in 3D Printing?

While using FDM to create 3D models, PLA and ABS are crucial materials. Nevertheless, picking the best one can be challenging. This is true of all 3D printing methods, but particularly for novice or enthusiast users of FDM/FFF 3D printing, for whom it may seem utterly bewildering to choose the best filament. This piece will contrast two of the most frequently used filament types, PLA

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3D printing VS Injection molding
3d Printing vs Injection Molding: Ultimate Guide 2022

3D printing and injection molding are different processes, but both take up valuable production space. We’ll take a closer look at them in this article. The basics 3D printing and injection molding have a lot in common. Both are manufacturing processes that allow the designer’s vision to materialize, and both are perfect for prototypes or spare parts, among other things, but while they give the

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3D printing rubber
Can You 3D Print Rubber?

If you keep it simple, the answer to 3D printing a rubber is ‘No’. You can’t 3D print a pure rubber directly because of its properties. it is an organic product that comes from latex and latex comes from trees. Being an organic product means that it is very hard to influence its properties with external factors like temperatures, radiation, etc. Such materials are not

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3D printing services
How much does it cost to 3D print a part?

Many factors need to be considered before one can conclude what will be the cost to 3D print a part and these factors hold importance in the price consideration because they can make the cost of the 3D print range from anywhere between $4 to $3000. Let’s take a quick look at these underlying factors that tend to direct the cost to 3D print a

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3D printing speed
How Long Does It Take To 3D Print something?

People usually prefer things to be done quickly and smoothly, but when it comes to 3D printing, they often wonder how long it takes to complete the entire process. Several factors affect the speed of 3D printing of different objects but usually, a miniature object with low-quality settings can be completed within 30 minutes, meanwhile, a larger and a high-quality object might take hours or

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