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Day: April 7, 2023

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types of thread
The Types And Geometric Parameters Of Screw Threads

A thread or a screw thread is a bridge covering the cone and cylinder. It is the main feature in thread fasteners and screw machines and is vital in converting between linear and rotary motions. It is present in the helix form, crucial for its conversion. Also Read: The design guide of injection molded parts: About screws Common screw problems of injection parts and countermeasures

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Aluminum Machining Tooling
15 Different Types Of CNC Cutting Tools

Home >  Blog > In modern manufacturing industries, automation plays a significant role, and CNC machines are gaining popularity due to their ability to automate processes. The selection of the appropriate cutting tools is crucial in determining the quality, cost, and speed of production. Factors such as material type, surface finishing, and precision requirements should be considered when selecting tools. Incompatibility between the tool and

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