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What is Injection Molding
Injection molding temperature: A Basic Guide

Home >  Blog > 1. Tube temperature The temperature of the material tube significantly influences injection pressure in an injection machine. Typically, these machines consist of 4 to 6 heating sections within the material tube, each calibrated to suit the specific molding temperature requirements of different plastics. Plastic physical properties table Keeping the melt temperature just right is super important. If it’s too low, the

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Multi-axis Machining
Multi-axis Machining Explained: 3-Axis to 5-Axis

Home >  Blog > The complexity and accuracy needed in today’s precision engineering demand extremely efficient machines and tools. The expectations in the industry are so high that conventional machining methods may not be good enough. Are are looking for the highest level of machining results for your turbine blades, engine blocks, and such intricate components? Multi-axis CNC machining technology may be the answer. Multi-axis

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reduce sheet metal cost
7 Tips for Reducing Sheet Metal Fabrication Costs

Home >  Blog > Sheet metal fabrication is a popular prototyping and production process. It involves the use of different techniques to turn flat metal sheets into the desired geometries and parts. Some standout features of sheet metal is that it is highly durable and very versatile. To produce the final products, sheet metal undergoes different processes such as cutting, bending, punching, joining, and finishing

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What is step file
Understanding Step Files

Home >  Blog > Engineering and 3D model design have over time depended significantly on standardized solutions, including how to share and collaborate on complex three dimensional model data. There is no denying that the STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product model data) file has been a core format in the strengthening of this convergence. This guide analyses all that applies to step files.

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CNC Machining Tolerance
CNC Machining Tolerance: Types and Explained

Home >  Blog > Machining processes have evolved significantly in the recent past. However, despite the advancements, one aspect remains constant: There is no perfect machining. Regardless of the chosen manufacturing process, there is always a slight difference between the measurements indicated in a CAD model and the actual dimensions of the manufactured part. In fact, if you were to use the same machining process

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what is DFX
What is Design for Manufacturing and Assembly?

Home >  Blog > As we all know, The design phase greatly impacts 80% of a product’s manufacturing cost. Our 10+ years of production experience highlights that product quality stability depends on having an industrialization technology research framework for new product design and development. What is FMX? DFX engineering technology, a recent development in manufacturability analysis, is widely adopted by European and American enterprises. DFX

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Quality Control
Quality Control Explained: Definition, Purpose And Processes

In modern manufacturing and production, quality control plays a pivotal role. Product quality not only shapes the initial impression consumers have but also wields a substantial influence on a company’s brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and financial results. What is Quality Control? Quality Control (QC) involves systematic procedures and activities within the manufacturing or production process to ensure that products meet defined quality standards. Its primary

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Wire EDM
Wire EDM Cutting: Process, Advantages and Applications

Wire EDM machining is a lesser-known manufacturing process that uses electrical discharge to vaporize metal in a highly controlled way, resulting in some intricate parts with extremely tight fits and dimensions.  As an experienced engineer, I’ve witnessed the evolution of this process firsthand and in the upcoming sections, I’ll share with you the practical knowledge, in-depth insight into the process, and the benefits of using

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Insert Molding Vs Overmolding
Insert Molding vs Overmolding: What is the Difference?

A lot has changed ever since Hyatt invented the pioneer molding technique in the 1870s. The plastic processing industry is now characterized by complexity and effectiveness. Virtually every manufacturing sector uses plastic products. This has led to the emergence of ingenious manufacturing, for example, insert molding and overmolding. As molten plastic-based process, insert molding and overmolding can be confusing. In this post, we deep dive

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metal parts
Metal Parts Manufacturing: Types Of Process and Materials

As the global demand for custom metal parts and sheet metal fabrication services increases, manufacturers have a great opportunity for improved metal parts manufacturing business. The covid-19 may have slowed down the markets since 2020, but there is a boom in rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and other manufacturing processes. CNC turning, forging, and die casting are only some of the many metal manufacturing methods in

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