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Day: December 10, 2021

December 10, 2021 Archives

Injection molding parts
How to estimate the injection molding product has been finished by Re-grind resin?

Re-grind resin is a public secret in the plastic injection industry. Some injection molding manufacturers claim that in the current environment of industrial ecology and price competition, if they do not add some secondary materials, they cannot make money and recycle resources. However, from a quality point of view, adding secondary materials to plastic means a risk of strength reduction and brittle structural crack. The

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injection molding Problem
Brittle crack crisis management of plastic injection products

As the COVID-19 continues and the economy slumps, the quality of the materials supplied by many plastic parts suppliers also frequently fails. Not only does the internal structure break, but even the appearance of the products can be cracked, and more than one plastic part of the product has problems. Maybe it is true that some customers cut prices too hard, Some plastic materials suppliers

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