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Brittle crack crisis management of plastic injection products

Brittle crack crisis management of plastic injection products

As the COVID-19 continues and the economy slumps, the quality of the materials supplied by many plastic parts suppliers also frequently fails. Not only does the internal structure break, but even the appearance of the products can be cracked, and more than one plastic part of the product has problems.

Maybe it is true that some customers cut prices too hard, Some plastic materials suppliers have no money to make, so they reduced the cost of the raw materials. As we all know, the raw material suppliers do not want to admit that they have added any regrinding resin because the customer’s drawing has defined the requirements of not adding recycled material.

The case we will talk about is the company’s delivery warehouse located in the United States. During the sampling inspection of incoming materials, defects were found in the appearance of the products. After confirmation, cracks were found in the plastic products, and the defect rate was as high as about 30%. At that time, manufacturers of finished goods were found to have similar problems. However, the injection molding manufacturers believed that the Sorting was the fault of their suppliers and ordered them to break out defective products.

How to deal with the brittle crack crisis of injection molding products?

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Then comes the “Daily meeting.” All relevant personnel will attend until the end of the event, including design, engineering, mold management, quality control, factory management, delivery, commodity supply, etc.

Third, issue CAR (Corrective Action Requirement) to the OEM, similar to the 8D form, which our company requires the OEM to fill out on its initiative and will be included in the OEM’s quarterly assessment.

Fourth, it is required that the plastic injection factory must strictly implement the incoming inspection measurement of the MFI value of plastic pellets and set the upper limit of MFI. The plastic pellets exceeding the MFI value will be rejected, and the incoming inspection of the manufacturing factory should continue to do the destructive inspection of thrust to ensure the quality.

Fifth, For the long-term Solution company, started to prepare For the replacement of plastic raw materials supplier. The company believes that Sabic plastic materials have a certain degree of quality stability, but Aria believes this action still needs some internal folding because Sabic materials are relatively expensive. Of course, it all depends on whether the big bosses are focused on quality or cost.

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