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What is step file
Understanding Step Files

Home >  Blog > Engineering and 3D model design have over time depended significantly on standardized solutions, including how to share and collaborate on complex three dimensional model data. There is no denying that the STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product model data) file has been a core format in the strengthening of this convergence. This guide analyses all that applies to step files.

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what is DFX
What is Design for Manufacturing and Assembly?

Home >  Blog > As we all know, The design phase greatly impacts 80% of a product’s manufacturing cost. Our 10+ years of production experience highlights that product quality stability depends on having an industrialization technology research framework for new product design and development. What is FMX? DFX engineering technology, a recent development in manufacturability analysis, is widely adopted by European and American enterprises. DFX

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Chamfer VS Bevel
Chamfer vs Bevel:Explained And Their Difference

In metalwork, plastic work, and machining applications, it is common to eliminate sharp 90-degree corners as they can damage parts or inflict injury. Two features are typically used to eliminate the sharp eges. These are: Chamfer and  Bevel. While the terms bevel and chamfer are often used interchangeably, there is a clear difference between the two. It is important to understand the difference between these

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Types of holes
What are the different types of holes in engineering?

Bore, Counterbore, Drilled holes and many other types of holes are used in engineering. If you’re confused by their symbols, can’t identify them in engineering drawings and are simply unaware of what are the different types of holes in engineering? then this guide is for you! I’ve been interpreting drawings and symbols easily with a small intuition that I’ll share with you, which will help

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Injection molding Bosses
Screw Bosses Design Guide For Custom Plastic Parts

In today’s world, injection molded parts are more commonplace than ever. They have applications in most industries including automotive, electronics, kids toys, health care, and more. Plastic injection molding is a popular method of fabricating plastic parts. At its simplest, it involves injecting molten plastic into a mold cavity where it then cools and solidifies acquiring the shape of the mold. Sounds easy, right? Not

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injection molding undercut
Injection Molding Undercut Guide for Custom Plastic Parts

Injection molding is one of the most precise and cost-effective plastic production techniques. Undercut injection molding is a byproduct of complex part geometry. A feature that is not typically intended to be on a part, but forms a result of intricate features, design, and mold partition. Undercut injection molding is a challenge to work around and this guide helps you identify design features that lead

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injection molding types gate
Types Of Injection Molding Gates For Custom Parts

The plastic injection molding process entails a machine that introduces molten plastic into the mold cavity. Once the plastic solidifies in a predetermined shape and size, an ejection mechanism releases it. One of the instrumental components of the injection molding process is the injection molding gate. For the molding product developer, delivering the best injection molding service requires an in-depth understanding of injection molding gate

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Pre-production Assessment
What is design for manufacturing (DFM)?

As a professional manufacturer, Aria have been dedicated to the development of the design and manufacturing field. In our many years of working experience, We are deeply aware of the importance of design to the manufacturing process. Design for Manufacturability is a product design ideology that focuses on creating a better design at a lower cost by optimising the selection of materials and manufacturing processes.

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injection molding wall thickness
Injection molding wall thickness guide for custom parts

This is article is a complete guide to injection molding wall thickness. If you are a product designer and desires; To gain essential knowledge on injection moulding wall thickness Acquire tips on the best practices used in injection moulding. Get answers to some of the FAQs on injection moulding This article is for you. Now, let’s dive in. What is Injection Molding Process? Injection molding

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Draft Angle
Injection Molding Draft Angle Guide For Custom Parts

Toys, car components, and numerous other products are made through the injection molding process. Designing a custom part to suit manufacturability involves many factors that the engineers need to incorporate. Working closely with the design professionals from the onset of the project may help optimize the manufacturing capabilities of custom parts. Injection molding draft angle is one of the early approaches that contribute to optimized

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