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Make high-quality injection molding products: Everything you need to know

Make high-quality injection molding products: Everything you need to know

Injection molding processing is now an important way of processing plastic products. Most of the plastic products and molds in the market are made by injection molding, so in the injection molding processing link, what are the factors affecting injection molding processing?

Injection molding products

Precision of equipment

The influence of injection processing links and equipment has a great relationship, generally speaking, how the comprehensive level of the injection molding machine, then the quality of the produced products will follow the corresponding changes.

Die error

The mold also has an important significance in the production of injection molding. The quality of mold affects the quality of injection molding products.

Affect the production factors of injection molding processing, resulting in the defect of injection molding products, when such a phenomenon, mold, injection molding processing products will become defective, so in the production process need to pay attention to each link of processing, to ensure the qualified rate of product production.

What is the role of gas in injection mold?

Gas has the property that liquid does not have as a flowing medium. That is, gas can be compressed. If there were no container limits, the volume of the gas would be unlimited. Because of the special properties of gases, they are widely used in the industrial field. For example, gases can act as a medium for heat transfer. In power plants, gases can be used to transmit force. Due to the wide range of air sources, the atmosphere is mostly nitrogen. If there is no special demand in the industry, the required gas can choose compressed air, nitrogen, etc., which will help reduce pollution in industrial production and be recycled.

Injection molding, producing, and forming resin materials are three core components of injection molding technology. After selecting resin material, the design and process control of injection mold directly influence the quality of formed products. China plastic shell processing, with the development of science and technology, gas is also used in injection mold structure, and process control, such as injection mold demoulding mechanism can use gas ejection way to achieve the film removal action so that the cylinder to achieve reset action; In the process control, compressed nitrogen is passed into the cavity during the filling stage of remolding, which plays a role of maintaining pressure. 

Because gas has been widely used in injection mold, it is particularly important to summarize the application of gas in each part.

Plastic mold is a kind of plastic plate, sheet molding material as raw material, must be a simple plastic mould, the principle is the use of compressed air and vacuum forming method or fixed die stamping deformation of plastic plate, sheet, the heat softening cavity enclosed to the required shape of products, mainly used in some daily necessities, food, toys and packaging products. Chinese plastic shell processing, plastic mold forming pressure is low, more choice of cast aluminum mold materials or non-metallic materials, the structure is relatively simple.

How should the temperature be controlled during injection molding

  1. Mold temperature: mold temperature greatly influences the internal performance and apparent quality of products. Mold temperature is determined by the presence of plastic crystallization, product size and structure, performance requirements, and other technological conditions (melt temperature, speed and pressure, molding cycle, etc.).
  1. Barrel temperature: the molding process needs to control barrel temperature, nozzle temperature and mold temperature. Mould, the first two temperatures mainly affect plastic plasticization and flow, and the last temperature mainly affects the flow and cooling of plastic. Each kind of plastic flow with different temperature, the same kind of plastic, due to different sources or brands, the flow temperature and decomposition temperature is little different, and this is due to the different average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, the plastic plasticizing process in different types of machines are also different, so choose the cylinder temperature is not the same.

The problems that need to be considered in the mold design process are as follows.

    1. In-depth analysis of plastic parts structure and technical requirements. Plastic parts structure determines the complexity of the structure of injection mold, plastic parts of the technical requirements (such as dimensional accuracy and surface roughness) determines the difficulty of the injection mold making and molding process, so for to do not meet the special requirements of plastic injection molding, such as unreasonable structure shape, all should put forward the improved design scheme of injection molded parts; otherwise, it will increase the difficulty of mold design and manufacturing and injection molding process.

    1. Familiar with the technical specifications of the injection molding machine. The technical specification of the injection molding machine restricts the size of the injection mold and the range of injection molding products that can be formed.

    1. Understand the processing properties and process properties of plastics. Line including the plastic melt flow, melt flow can achieve greater distance than analysis of the flow channel and flow resistance in all parts of the cavity, the cavity within the original air discharge, plastic crystallization may occur in the injection mold, orientation, and cause of stress, plastic cooling contraction and compensation, the requirements of the plastic to the mold temperature, etc.

Plastic mold release agent 

The so-called release agent is used in two mutually easy to stick to the surface of the object to form an interface of the coating. It can make the object’s surface easy to escape, smooth and clean. Chinese plastic mold injection processing, release agent on the mold will form a coating layer. The coating is not transferred to the processed parts, nor will it interfere with painting or other secondary processing operations. 

When injection molding suppliers do the injection molding products, if they find that the product’s surface has a white situation, they will use the release agent, the first place of the white mold spraying, the next mold is no problem. In this case, spray at intervals of two to five molds. So every time we do the injection, we use it.