The development prospect of injection molding industry

The development prospect of injection molding industry

Many people are complaining that the injection molding industry is not very prosperous at present because the threshold of the injection molding industry is too low. Many workers of plastic injection molding. Wages are not high, very hard.

For Aria, With the emergence of household appliances, automobiles, and consumer electronics, the rapid development of the global injection molding industry has been accelerated.

Injection molding industry, the mold industry in the future for a long time will not decline, at least now has not found a better alternative. A bit of advice, which defines the industry as good or bad, depends on which class you belong to. Partial injection molding enterprises, not only technology, more important is management.

Injection molding industry development has been increasing in recent years, domestic factories will purchase abroad before more injection molding machines, and now, with the increase of the domestic various comprehensive strength at present domestic injection molding machine occupies 80% market share, with the Haitian earthquake, male, dense, bole, domestic brands are sold at home and abroad, become the star products made in China. The development of the injection molding machine industry is developing vigorously with the wide popularization of plastic products, and the prospect of industrial action is infinite.

New molds and new equipment emerge endlessly. There is a lot to learn. All changes are inseparable from their ancestor. Injection molding process and mold structure mold design have a direct relationship, so, not only to understand injection molding but also understand mold, understand design.

Disadvantages of traditional injection molding enterprises

  • The worker of Injection molding can only touch machines, molds, and products without vitality. The worker of Injection molding can’t experience the magic of the network. The talents in the injection molding industry generally have a low educational background, and injection molding people need to receive systematic education and more spiritual nutrition delivery: nowadays, the high training cost of several hundred yuan a day leads to many injection molding people being refused to study outside the door, and injection molding training is completely commercialized.

  • Rather than the injection molding technology level in China has not reached the developed countries, it is better to say that China’s injection molding technology, the investment of injection molding manufacturer, attention is far less than the developed countries.

  • Aria is a leading injection molding manufacturer in China. Since its inception in 2011, Aria has been focusing on a high-quality injection molding business. For the disadvantages of traditional injection molding enterprises. In September 2021, Aria launched its new rapid prototyping online real-time quotation platform. Deployed at, customers can quickly get an injection molding quote by simply uploading 3D drawings to the platform.

    Lance, the founder of Aria, said: stability, JIT in time, fine, intelligent, fast production, economic, maintain the application and promotion of new materials and new functions, which is the future of injection molding industry.

Everyone is eager to take a fast path to wealth in this rapidly changing era, grasp the general industry development trend, take advantage of the momentum forward, save time and effort.

However, most of us do not have the pattern and vision to see how many years of the industry will change in the future. We can try our best to cultivate ourselves and improve ourselves so that we have enough capital to fight against the impact of the industry upheaval.

We can pay attention to the industry development dynamics, industry prospects, but we should ask ourselves when an industry is really promising, there is a great development, are we ready?