Why buy Automotive Injection Molding Parts in China?

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Why buy Automotive Injection Molding Parts in China?

Do you want to know the reasons why you should choose an injection molding supplier in China? Well, you are on the right page because in this article, I am going to give you all the reasons why you should buy automotive injection parts in China plastics industry.

But before that, let me share with you the experience of my friend who bought automotive parts from a supplier in China. She is running a small business; she was doing market research on where she can buy plastic injection molding parts.

Finally, she discovered a supplier in China. My friend is satisfied with its quality and aside from that, she got it at an affordable price. She also noticed that her profit with her business increased when she discovered the supplier from China. This helps her small business. It serves its purpose and meets my friend’s standards. she said that when she started to buy the molding parts from a China supplier, it doesn’t only give her a quality product but also a fast production. She is happy with the service because it’s worth her money.

There are many reasons why businesses should consider buying automotive injection molding parts from China. Some of the benefits include quality parts at a lower cost, shorter lead times, and better customer service

Aside from those qualities, let me share with you 10 reasons why you should buy automotive injection molding parts in China.

“10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Automotive Injection Molding Parts in China”

Cheaper than other countries/ Competitive price

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Although China’s labor costs have been rising, It is the leading player in this market China’s production costs are much cheaper than in other countries, and sometimes there is no difference in their quality, if you will purchase it in China, you can save 50% of its price from a different country.

knowing that plastic injection molds are an expensive part of the project, it is affordable if you will purchase the plastic parts in China. furthermore, the price may vary if you are going to order a small order or a bulk order. For example, if you are going to make a single order, the supplier will quote you its original price, but if you will make bulk order (20 items or more) you can get a discounted price.


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The parts of automotive industry require the high tolerances. Most Chinese suppliers can meet it, they have advanced facilities and experienced engineers who make the injection molding more quality and reliable. The factory also does a test or runs a trial before handing over the injection molding. That’s how they make sure that they provide a high-quality product.

Complete manufacturing supply

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Aside from its price and the high-quality , China has the most complete manufacturing supply chain in the world that’s why it is no longer surprising why most people choose Chinese injection mold companies. It will not be difficult for them to find the item that they need.

On-time delivery

The customers need to receive their order when it is scheduled to arrive. Automotive injection molding parts in China make sure that they can deliver the product on time. usually, it takes 3-8 weeks depending on the tool size and its complexity.

Aside from that they also do a pleasant delivery process so that it will be more convenient for the customers ordering their injection molding. They are also engaged with customers on planning and understanding the customer’s timelines.

Easy process of ordering

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Most of the suppliers have their site or app where you can order the molding part or the item that you are looking for. They have a super-easy way of ordering the product.

Generally, the order process would have three steps;

First is filling out the details in the form provided by the seller, the engineer will check your information and will ask you about the drawings and technical specifications including the exact raw materials, the surface finish, tolerances, and critical dimensions, and then you can proceed to the next step. The next step is you will receive a quote for your order with its aspects and pricing. The final step is placing the order and that’s it. That’s how easy and convenient the process is to place an order in China factory.

Guaranteed exact parts

China suppliers can guarantee the customers give the exact plastic injection molding that they are requesting/ordering. You don’t have to worry too much about product quality risks. That is also one of the reasons they stick to buying from a China injection molding. The service reaches their standard.

No minimum order (MOQ)

Some suppliers have a minimum order that’s why some people that have small businesses with small budgets can’t afford to buy the plastic part that they need. Big thanks to a China supplier, they do not have a minimum order. Most of the customers choose China suppliers because there is no minimum order. You can do even a single order as long as you follow the ordering process accurately.

Worldwide Shipping

Some customers want to get the product from a China manufacturing industry but they are thinking about the fare of traveling from their country going to China. The thing that they need to know is that plastic injection molding company do shipping worldwide. Customers really don’t need to go to China just to get their plastic product.

They can easily order it from the comfort of their home. They just need to go to their app or site where they can purchase the item that they need and follow the steps in ordering the product. That’s no hassle at all. They just have to wait for 24 to 48 hours to receive their order in front of their door.

Offers prototyping services

China suppliers are dedicated to making the world’s most prototypes and precision parts for a wide range of industries. They offer different tooling services which are prototyping mold, multi-shot molds/2k molds, and insert molding, overmolding. That’s why it catches the customer’s eyes in buying their products.

Big production capacity

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It provide a large production capacity because of the performance of the product in the mold-making process. Many plastic injection molding companies in China are capable of providing a wide range of injection molding process, those manufacturing molding companies could provide a high volume of plastic products by doing mass production.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I order even though I am not residing in China?

Yes, you will be able to reach out to Chinese injection mold companies or suppliers without leaving your home. You just need to go to their site or app and follow the instructions on how to order it and the parts or items will be delivered to your house.

  • Is it worth my money to buy Automotive Injection Molding Parts in China?

Yes, because they provide high-quality and cheaper price injection molds that can meet injection mold buyers’ standards in making quality plastic injection mold design.

  • Are the injection molding services in china the same as the quality from another country?

Yes, the quality of plastic injection molding in China may be the same with other countries.

  • How many orders I can make?

Since there is no minimum order, you can start making an order from single to bulk orders. Some of the suppliers give a discount when you do a bulk order (or 20 or more items). many of the customers are making bulk orders to avail of discount

  • What services I can make if I purchase an injection molding in China.

China manufacturing company provide their services wherever you are. They do the shipping worldwide. They offer a high- quality services and work with injection mold buyers to meet their needs. They also offer product design, mold design, mold making and plastic injection molding.

  • How can I make sure to get a quality injection molding product? 

You can make sure that you could get a quality product because Chinese injection mold companies are using advanced equipment and they also have technical support for after-sales service to provide a guarantee of having a high- quality molds and parts. 


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In this article, we have learned that there are so many reasons why to choose a Chinese manufacturing company of injection molds that’s why injection mold buyers keep on expanding and returning to the Chinese mold maker. It helps not only those who have big businesses but also those who run small businesses as well. They provide high-quality mold design at a competitive price that other countries.

In another country, a customer also has a chance to avail of Chinese injection molding industry products because they do the shipping worldwide and since they have a complete manufacturing supply, everything you need for your business is there as long as it is related to injection mold.

Furthermore, there is no minimum order so if your budget is short, you can make a single order. Aside from the reasons I’ve mentioned above, customers are also happy about the injection mold production capacity. Hence, Chinese plastic injection mold companies take pride in giving the customers the best quality plastic molds and mold designs that are made using advanced technology. For more than a decade they never fail to give a high level of expertise and dedication. Chinese mold makers make sure the consistency of the quality of their products with the help of their knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

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